7 Days of Scriptural Valentine Cards

We’ve created these customizable Valentine cards for just this purpose – to share your love for them and the Lord’s love for them! Start your 7 days today!

From Discontentment to Meaning: Identifying Themes in Your Life Worth Living For

These themes that bring others onto the path with me of drawing into an abundant life in Christ, is “the work”, “the calling”, “the thing” I am really looking for. This shift in perspective is changing everything for me.

To Whoever Took our Bike Part II: Unexpected Happy Endings

Forgiveness to him had always been something that had to be asked for or it couldn’t be forgiven. Our story had shed light on another possibility.

5 Twists on old Ideas: Create a Creative, Simple Christmas

There are a few special ways that we have cut back and yet filled our days with what we want, each altering the norm to fit our family and intentions. Are you looking for traditions to tweak too?