The Most Important Last Minute Preparation

The house is swept, the presents are wrapped, everything is in place, but something is missing. Something still feels empty…

The reason people talk about “preparing” your heart is because when the moments that are supposed to feel special get here, your heart is at rest to experience them.

Too often we pour all of our energy into “getting there” or “doing everything” that there is little room left for real enjoyment or worship.

In the moment is not the time to suddenly detach from hurry and bask in worship.

In the moment is not the time to suddenly have heart-felt prayers and a mindset ready to relax and absorb the moment.

It is a long wind-down for most of us. A long road to peace.

With no time for peace, release from hurry and worries, and time to refocus, we miss the wonder and beauty we ought to see in:

Listening to an Advent reading. 

Singing a Christmas hymn and relishing the words.

Hearing Luke 2 read, again.

Watching candles being lit with significance.

Hearing a child pray. 

Savoring a good meal with family.


Too many holidays I’ve spent hurrying to get there, and then hurrying through it.

So get up a few minutes early or stay up a few minutes late just to enjoy your quiet home.

Cut something out that would be a relief not to do.

Read part of a Gospel and imagine yourself walking those dusty streets following Jesus.

Having awareness of His presence is what makes moments special, not having everything pretty and in the right place. So, let me encourage you. Begin wind-down now and prepare your heart to enter into the presence of God and I can promise you that will bring more meaning to this holiday season than you could possibly foster with your own hands.


Merry Christmas!

from Don & Jennifer Love




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