IntentionalTraditions.com is Christian community collaborating to revive and develop meaningful and memorable Christian traditions that are not only fun, but also kingdom building and life giving. A major focus of this community is instilling family traditions (these range from major holidays such as Christmas and Easter to day-to-day practices such as prayer, fasting, solitude, giving, and the study of scripture).

The goal of IntentionalTraditions.com is to help equip families with the knowledge and resources to lead their own families into the abundant life of Christ.


Jennifer Love is the Author of The Bible in Stories, a theology professor at Liberty University Online, and a homeschooling mom. She holds degrees in Education and a Seminary degree in Pastoral Counseling.

Donnie Love is a contributing author of the Essence of the New Testament, a Biblical Studies professor at Liberty University and holds degrees in Church Ministries, Theology, Bible and Biblical Theology.